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Awaken Your Soul's Purpose Course

Are you struggling with knowing your purpose...your soul's calling and what your gifts and abilities are in your life?

Are you feeling lost, alone, unworthy and stuck in life?

Do you want to feel spiritually connected, a sense of purpose, fulfilled, accomplished and happy in your life? 

Are you ready to step into your purpose?

Then this 12-week course is for YOU

In this course with the support of the Angels...

 You will find your purpose, your soul's calling...what you are meant to do

You will find out what your gifts and abilities are 


You will heal from limiting beliefs like fear, worry, doubt, that is keeping you from becoming who you truly are through healings, journaling and meditations


You will learn to connect with the spiritual realm so that you can confidently connect with your Angels and guides on your own to be able to receive guidance in any area of your life

What's included...

​12 weeks of 1-on-1 sessions through Zoom or Skype (or in person if local)

Healings and Meditations with the Angels

Channeled Guidance and coaching

Messenger access in between sessions for extra support

Journaling sessions with me to help you to connect with your guides and Angels

All this for the investment of 


If you would like payment options please email me at

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