A Special New Year's message

Today we have a special message from Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Chamuel and Ariel.

Dear loved ones,

We come to you today on these last days of the year to remind you of the love that is within you. A love so powerful that it cannot be contained within you, but you are holding it in within you. Its time to let that love shine for the whole world to see! The world needs this Divine love, but you are holding yourself back from shining for fear of what might happen. You are afraid to let this love shine for various reason within each of you, but you are to know that it is safe for you to shine. It is safe for you to show your power and shine your light, the truth within you. You were given this truth because it is your truth alone which makes you special.

You are the only one who carries this truth, so it is so important for you to share it. It is your purpose, your destiny. By sharing your truth, you share the love that is Divine, because you are Divine Love and Light. You are perfect! Your soul is perfect. You were meant to do great things. Don't let your fears and doubts hold you back, because those are not real, they are illusions. What is real is what is within your heart, what is within your soul and your soul is speaking to you. Tune in to what your soul has to say and it has a lot to say. Trust and believe your heart. Trust that what it is telling you is part of your purpose.

You are so very loved dear ones and we all came to tell you that because it is so important for you to know how powerful you truly are.

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