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Stop Worrying, Trust the Process and Focus on Gratitude

Hello beautiful souls and Happy April!

Can you believe that we are already a quarter of the way through with the year?

How have you been doing spiritually? How has your growth been?

It has been a crazy year so far, with so many different energies coming in, but this year is a year of great transformations and taking action.

What have you been taking action as of late? What has the Divine been showing you?

Feel free to share with me in the comments!

In April we come into an energy of letting go, surrendering and TRUSTING!

After an intense energy in March where the Divine wanted us to take action, if you have taken the action, the Divine is telling us that we need to STOP WORRYING, TRUST IN THE PROCESS, AND LET THE DIVINE HELP YOU.

If you are a worrier like me, you know that it is hard.

As a parent you worry about your kids (even before they are born)/

As a student you worry about school.

As a professional you worry about your business.

And those in any type of relationship, you worry about your significant other.

BUT, worry is part of ego and it shows us that we do not trust the Divine...we do not trust the Universe to give us what we need.

BUT, what does worry do? How will worrying about certain things help us?

Worrying about things we cannot control only holds us back from doing those things we are meant to do.

Worrying is a form of not being able to let go of control. Wanting to hold on tight to something...a crutch...but it keeps us from doing those other things we are needing to take action on.

Have you worried so much about a certain situation that you lose sleep?

Yes I have been there also...but what does it help you with? just end up losing sleep.

Then has this happened...where you worry about that certain situation, lose sleep and then everything turns out okay?

Yup! I have been there too...

So the Divine is telling us to LET GO!


Divine is telling us that they will take care of us, they will always take care of us and that you have to TRUST THE PROCESS!!!

If you have taken the action last month on everything that has been coming in for you, your next steps to what it is that you are trying to achieve and to get closer to your goals, TRUST that the Divine will take care of the rest, that you will be shown more, that the abundance you are seeking will be there for you!

Another energy that is coming in for us this month, is focusing on gratitude.

These 2 energies are tied together because in order to stop worrying, what helps is to focus on gratitude...being grateful for all that we have.

Many times because we are so focused on what it is we want next to come in during our spiritual journey is forget what we already have, the abundance that the Divine already have brought into our lives.

When is the last time you thought about the abundance you have? That you have asked for before and was given?

So many times we forget...we easily forget what we have...what we have been shown and given and then become unhappy because we are not being shown the next abundance that is meant for us, but we need to remember all of the abundance that we have.

When we remember all of the abundance we have, it is then easy for us to surrender, easy for us to let go and say...okay Divine, I trust you to bring me what I need.

So what abundance have you been given? What did the Divine provide for you the last time you set an intention and were after your goals?

When we remember, it helps the worry, to melt away, it helps us to let go and let the Divine do their work to help us to achieve we helps us to free up space in our minds so that we can listen to those next steps that are coming in so that we can achieve our goals and it also helps us to take action on what it is that we need to do next so that we can achieve those goals.

If you are need of help with understanding how to do this or you are just needing someone to speak with, please reach out to me at or by going to my facebook page and sending me a message and I would love to help you through this.

Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖


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