Confidence in Who You Are

Hello beautiful souls!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

I can’t believe we are already in the month of

February. It seems 2020 is already flying by.

Today I have Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel

Uriel stepping forward for us (they are also the Archangels stepping forward for us for the energy of the week which you can find here) for the message today on being confident in who it is that we truly are.

So for those who know me, know that one of my favorite movies is Moana and when it first came out I was drawn to see it more than once and for me I normally do not watch movies more than once, but every time I saw it I came away with a new lesson and learned a lot about my own self. Well this week, I was drawn to watch it again and as I did, the Archangels will telling me what it is that I needed to focus on when it came to writing this message and lesson.

In the movie, Moana from the time she is little is drawn to the ocean and going out into it to discover but also so that she could help others. She tries to stay with her people and listen to what it is that her father tells her even though she feels this pull, this calling, but as she grows up and sees the needs of her people and needing more food, she is drawn even more and more to go out there. She knows that there is more that she can do.

Even though she is told not to go out there because it is dangerous, being told of her father’s experience and his fears and wanting to keep her safe and even as she discovers herself how scary it can be, with some guidance from her very wise grandmother and seeing for herself the past of her people, she gains the confidence to try again and go out there to help others.

Throughout the movie, her confidence waivers back and forth, but through the guidance and encouragement of others, she remembers and is able to then keep going and able to reach her goal of helping her people as well as others.

In the same way, we all have a purpose here. We are all here to do amazing things and it is all within us, through out gifts and abilities along with the passions and desires that we have. They all go together, but because of our fears and doubts just like the father had because of his past, we keep ourselves from stepping out of our comfort zones and going after those things we are meant to do.

However we are meant for more, we are meant to step out our comfort zones, we are meant to do things we have never done before so that we can discover more of what it is that we are capable of doing and we are capable of doing anything that we truly want. We have to remember anything is possible especially when we do those things that within our heart and soul that that is something that we truly want to do.

Those things that are calling to us, that excite us, that make us want to help it is there. When you have that desire to help animals, or the Earth...when we have that desire to reach certain people and help in any way you can...this is when we know that it is meant for us to do, but so many times fears, doubts and other limiting beliefs keep us from stepping out. We think we don’t have the skills, or we don’t have the experience so we can’t do it, or we don’t have the resources so we can’t do it, but the Divine is reminding us that we can and when we trust and have faith that the Divine will provide whenever we need it.

Moana didn’t have the skills of sailing a boat, she didn’t have the experience. She didn’t know if she could go beyond and she didn’t know what was out there, but she trusted and even though she went through a lot of rough patches, she was always provided for.

Yes I know that I am referencing a movie and it is not real, but we can always learn something from what we watch...and if you look back at all of the times you did something new or you went through a challenge, you can see that you were guided and supported and provided for. For instance, when you were first started your job, did you have the experience? Did you have the skills? Probably not, but you learned how to do it, and you gained experience and you had the support from your boss and others you worked with.

In the same way, we need to think of what it is that we are truly meant to do like that first job you got. You may not see the skills and may not have the experience, but you have the drive, you have the desire to want to do it, so you have to then take the next steps and just like finding that first job, you are always guided and supported with your next steps, you are shown what your next steps are.

So, what does this have to do with confidence?

The Archangels are telling us and showing that we have the confidence within us. Just like you had the confidence to apply for your first job even though you may not have had the experience or the skills, we can have that confidence to go after what it is that we are truly meant to do.

There is a reason why we have the passions that we have, and the desires that we have. There is a reason why you feel called to help certain people, animals or the planet. There is a reason why you desire to use your gifts and abilities. They are all a part of who it is that we truly are. They are a part of our purpose. We would not have those desires and passions for those things if it was not a part of who it is that we are.

So then, it is important for you to go after it, to clear the fears and doubts and say to yourselves and know that it is meant for you to step into, it is meant for you to do, to create from and step into your confidence, step into your power that is within you.

Yes many times our limiting beliefs will get in the way, but the Divine is always reminding us in many different ways that you can do it, that you can do anything and that you will always be provided for. The signs are everywhere, you just have to look...look around you and within you. Also, to remember all of those times when you were provided for and supported and guided.

We can get past the fears, we can get past the doubts that may have been shown to us by others, that have been ingrained us by parents or other adults that have taught us growing up. We can heal from them and let it go. We have to remember that those fears and doubts are not who we truly are, but the fears and doubts of others which has not been healed within them that they pass down to us many times unknowingly.

The Divine is showing us and telling us to be confident in who you truly are...because who you truly are is an amazing person who is able to do so many great things and you have been brought here to make an impact in this world, you have been brought here for a reason and you are more than capable of doing all of those things that are within you that you truly desire to do.

Now this isn’t to say that you won’t have times when we lack confidence, not know what you are doing and there will be times when your confidence waivers and it may happen many times in your life even when you are living in your purpose, but what matters is getting back up and continuing on the journey that you are meant for. There are going be times when it is hard, and times when you are faced with obstacles, but they are meant for you to overcome and you will when we keep focus on our purpose and when you overcome them you continue to grow and get even more confident and see even more of your own power.

We are all here for a reason, we all have a purpose and it is important for us to do the work that we are meant to do. We all have gifts and abilities that are meant for us, that are unique to us. We are all important in that way. When we do what it is that we are meant to do, not only are we able to live a life full of joy and happiness but we help all of the people we are meant to help, to help them to see their own Divine love and light, to help them to awaken/reawaken and to live in their own purpose.

You can do it! You are meant to do it! You are always supported and guided and you are never alone in this world, and never on your journey alone. You are so very loved.

Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖

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