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A week of honoring your energy and taking next steps

Hello beautiful souls!

Welcome to another beautiful week!

This week just like towards the end of last week, we are being asked to honor our energy.

I have had clients and friends tell me that they have been really tired this week and yes that is part of the energy.

Some of us will need to take the time to rest and get some more sleep, some of us will be shown to take some time to spend outdoors to renew their energy and some us to do other things that make us feel good and help raise our vibrations.

What does sthat look like for you?

The highest vibrations are love and joy and we are meant to live in it, but so many times with our daily routines and lives wit work and taking care of family, we forget that in everything that we do, we should love what it is that we do and live lives filled with happiness.

Through the daily hustle and bustle and after years of maybe not thinking about what it is that would make us truly happy, many of us may forget what it is that would make us happy.

This week, the Divine is reminding us through taking our next steps and the slow down that the energy is bringing, want us to think about what it is that would make each and every one of us happy.

This week, start with gratitude....

What is it that you have around you...the people, the moments, what you have...that makes you happy?

As you do this every day, you help your energy and your vibration to be on that higher level and soon you find yourself always seeing those things that you have and become even more grateful and your mindset soon switches to that of joy, which helps you to move more towards work and people and remembering all of those things that you really want to do that help you to be happy and live in joy.

It starts starts with one or two things and as you keep your mindset in gratitude and love, it gets bigger and soon you will be immersed in love and joy.

So what are you grateful for today?

What makes you happy?

This week as we dig deep into what it is that makes us happy, we are also going to be asked to finish those things we take those next steps to achieve our goals.

What is your intuition telling you to finish up?

What is your heart telling you you need to do in order to get closer to your goals?

It does make sense in that we are already at the end of April (didn't it go by fast?) and heading fast into the next season...listen to what it is that your next step is and take action.

The Divine is always going to show you your next steps to achieve your goals.

So what is it that they are asking you to do?

Trust that the Divine and Universe wants what is best for you and take that step...step out of your comfort zone and go for it, because that is how you will achieve your goals!

Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖


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