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How is 2021 going for you?

Hello beautiful souls!

Hope you are doing has been a minute since I last updated this blog, but I am back with a slightly different approach on how this blog is going to go...and just like you, things are always growing and changing when it comes to the website, the blog and myself.

So how are you doing this year? How are things going with you in each of the areas in your life?

Last year was a hard one with COVID and all of the other challenges that we have had to face as a country and throughout the world and I am sure each of you had your own unique challenges as well as you figured out how to navigate through all of the ups and downs with managing along with your families.

So having gone through all of that last year, are you starting to see a shift in you? Are you working through those challenges and learning more about who it is that you are and what it is that you are meant to do?

I know for myself, being a mom to 3. a wife and as a coach/healer, I have gone through a lot, but this year has also been about a lot of growth and transformation which continues to happen.

So how are you growing? How are you changing?

This year has a lot to do with the "Re's"

Realignment, Reinvention, Restart, Rebuilding, Reimagining, Rest (yes that word has the re too so it counts), Restoration, etc...I am sure you are seeing that within your life and the world around which of these and other words that start with Re are what it is that you are seeing for yourself?

It is never too late to start again, and to rebuild your life, your career, your business etc.

Many times you hear that it is too late because I am too old, or that you have been doing the same thing for a long time so it is too late to start again, but that is a limiting belief...

You are never too old and it is never too late to start again...

You can always teach, coach, help others and do those things that you love to do, that you are passionate about, but it is yourself that is stopping you from being able to move forward so what is that for you?

What belief is it that you are needing to let go of?

Anything is possible and you can do anything that you truly desire, so what does that look like for you?

And talking about restarting, have you had a chance to look around the website? I have made a few changes recently, including a new title for my radio show which you can check out through my link on the home page, as well as if you are looking to be a part of my nonprofit, be sure to check out that page also.

And as always if you would like to share with us, you can do so in the comments or you can also connect with me on my Facebook page

Sending you all lots of love and light ❤❤❤


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