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What are Limiting Beliefs?

Hello beautiful souls!

So if you have been around the spiritual communities whether on social media or in your physical communities, you have probably heard the term limiting belief.

So what is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is a belief that you may pick up from others or your family may have believed generationally or culturally that keeps you from truly believing that you can do anything you truly want to do.

For instance, when you were younger, you had your parents, teachers and other students tell you that you are not good at math because you may not have tested well and didn't great scores. If they had told you over and over that you were not good at math, you may grow up to believe that you are not good at math and this keeps you from avoiding becoming a math major or doing many things with math.

When it comes to generational limiting beliefs, for instance, your parents and grandparents may have grown up thinking that the man had to be the breadwinner and the women had to stay home and take care of kids and do all of the chores. They have told you and shown you time and again while growing up that that is how it should be, so you may grow up thinking that this is how it should be.

For cultural, I am going to use my life as an example. I am Korean and older Koreans are raised to believe that respecting your elders means listening and doing everything that they say.

These are all examples of limiting beliefs and you can probably think of some that pertains to your own life.

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that were put on you that limits you from understanding that you can do anything and accomplish anything.

Limiting beliefs are usually told to us unkowingly by others because of the way they grew up. Limiting beliefs are also beliefs that the person telling us the limiting belief that hasn't healed from.

When others tell us we can't do this, or should do it this way, many times it may not be trying to bring you down or to hurt you, but that they truly believe this.

Annother reason someone may be telling you to do it a certain way is because they did it a certain way and because they know it works, that is how you should do it.

You can let go of these limiting beliefs!

It is about first understanding that you can do anything you truly want.

There is no limit to what you can do!

I want to encourage you to think of those times when you did things your own way when others told you you couldn't or you should do it a certain way.

How did it turn out? Did the way you wanted to do it work?

How about those times when people told you you couldn't become something?

Why can't you?

The Divine tells us that we can do anything!

We are more than capable!

We are more than enough!

So if you have someone telling you you can't do something, know that that you can let go of that limiting belief and achieve it if that is what you truly want to do.

The only person that is stopping you from doing those things that others say you can't do, is you.

Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖


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