Are you living YOUR life?

Hello beautiful souls!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

This week, Archangel Raziel is sharing with us a message about living a life that is truly yours.

We are meant to live a life that is full and live in a way that makes us happy and fulfilled but many times especially when it comes to certain cultures, we are expected to live a life that is not always ours but to go about our life doing things out of duty or obligation to our family. Whether it be to take care of our family members and sacrificing our own lives or living out a life that our parents and others want us to live, becoming those things that they want us to be and we do to make them happy.

However we are being reminded that yes it is wonderful that you want to be there for your family and others and help take care of them, especially parents as they get older, but that doesn’t mean that we are meant to ignore our own passions and our own purpose as we do.

We each have a purpose in this world and a calling. We are all meant to live a life that is our own. Each of us has come here because we are here to make an impact in this world using our specific gifts and abilities along with our individual passions and desires. We have not been brought here to live out someone else’s dreams. So why are doing this?

Yes many cultures believe that it is our job to take care of others especially when it comes to parents and although it makes sense and we should be there for others, it doesn’t mean that we let that run our life and forget about our own dreams. We are being reminded that while we take care of others, we are meant to still do those things that are meant for us to do for ourselves, for our own lives, to achieve those goals that you want to achieve and to do those things that are a part of our purpose.

If you are doing things out of duty and obligation, even while doing that, are you doing what it is that you are meant to do? Are you still using your gifts and abilities and going after your passions like you are meant to?

If not why not? What is stopping you?

You may be saying that because you have to take care of your family you can’t do anything else because you have to be there for them all of the time, or you don’t have additional resources for your own goals and your purpose. Or that because your parents and others took care of you, you owe it to them to become what it is that they want you to be. Well, those are all fears and limiting beliefs talking.

You are meant to do certain things and you have passions and desires because you are meant to use them for your own purpose, your calling and your dreams. When you do not go after your own passions and desires, you find yourself not being happy, you find yourself in a situation where you are stressed and/or bored and not living in that high vibrational life that you are meant to live. This is a sign of not being aligned to who it is that you are truly are.

The Divine does not want us to live that way, but to live in a way that is true to who we truly are. They have given us the emotions and feelings of love, joy and happiness because that is how we are meant to live and if we do not feel those emotions in our lives, it is an indicator for us that we are not aligned to who it is that we truly are.

Also, when it comes to our parents and others who take care of us and have taken care of us, they also want you to live a life that you love and live a life that is true to you, but many times because of their own healings that they need to do, they inadvertently present to us the life that they wish they lived and push it on us. This can look like wanting you to make lots of money if they didn’t have any growing up, having a career that they never had or even marrying people who live a certain way or are a certain way, because they wished they could have done that or lived that way. They bring their hurts and their issues to their children and because children want to please their parents, they do what it is that their parents want them to do.

This in turn, when you do not live the way that you are meant to live, causes more hurts and resentments, it keeps you from being happy and living that life that you meant to live and then when you become a parent, you end up passing down the same hurts and issues to your children.

So lets stop the cycle!

When we live the way that we are meant to live, and do those things that are truly who we are, we live a life of happiness and joy. We live our best life and when we do we are able to show others that anything is possible and this is how we are meant to live.

Now, if you are taking care of parents and others in your life, you can still live the life that you are meant to live and live in alignment to who it is that you are. Your fears and limiting beliefs may be telling you that you can’t but know that anything is possible with the Divine. We have to remember that we are always guided and supported. They are always showing us and if you are not sure, all you have to do is ask.

You are meant to be true to yourself and live a life that is aligned to you. You are meant to live a life according to YOUR gifts and YOUR passions and not live someone else’s life.

So, are you living YOUR life? Are you living according to your own passions and desires and not someone else’s?

Sending you all lots of love and light 💖💖💖

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