Loving Yourself for who you truly are

Hello beautiful souls!

So early in the morning today, Archangel Chamuel stepped forward for me and while channeling with him he told me to create this blog post instead of my usual Channeled message that I normally post on social media. He wanted me to write this because it is going to be a teaching that comes through from the Angels which would be longer than a message.

Archangel Chamuel and Herschiel Angel Alexandra wants you to know that it is very important for you to love yourself for who you truly are.

So who are you? What do I mean when I say, who you truly are?

Many times we forget who we truly are. We are forget what we are meant to do on this Earth because of the daily hustle and bustle and all those things we are responsible for as adults and because of this we don't take the time to look within, we forget to take the time to sit still and contemplate who we truly are.

Also when it comes to who we truly are, we are amazing beings, perfect souls here to do amazing things to make an impact in this world and many times we forget that. We forget that we can do anything we truly want but we forget because of what society has told us, what others have told us...those things we cannot do or accomplish, or that we are not good enough in some way and causes limiting beliefs to flood our minds and keeps us from remembering who we truly are.

These things people have told us and those things that are ingrained in us because of the pressures of society, is not who we are, so it is important for us to understand by going within, by asking our Angels and guides to support us and to help us to understand where this stems from in our lives so that we can heal from them and release and let it go by learning the lessons from them.

This week we have the full moon...it was yesterday but we are still in its energy and full moons are about releasing and letting go of those things that no longer serve us which are those limiting beliefs that come into our minds stopping us from understanding who we truly are. So this week I encourage you to ask the Angels and your guides to help you to heal from these limiting beliefs and learn the lessons from them.

Okay, so you are probably wondering how the loving yourself part comes in...

As we go through this healing process and letting go, we need to love ourselves through this process. We need to give ourselves the grace and know that you are the stage you are in of this healing process and the perfect time and let go of the notion that you should have learned the lessons long ago or when this happened.

The healing and letting go process happens when it is supposed to happen. It may be happening now for some, it may have happened a little earlier for others but this process happens at times that is perfect for you. So let go of that guilt and let go of those expectations that it should have happened at a different time because the Divine always has perfect timing...whether you call him God, source, higher power...the Divine which I say because I do include higher power as well as Angels and guides...always knows when is the perfect time for you to be going through what you need to go through. So know that if you are just healing now and going through this process, it is happening at the perfect time.

So because it is happening at the perfect time, when you let go of those expectations on how and when it should happen, we can let the Divine show you what it is that you need to heal and as you go through the process which can be uncomfortable at times, it is important than to love yourself through this process as you learn more about yourself and why you went through the experiences that you went through. Loving yourself and being proud of who you are.

You went through your experiences for a reason, and it is unique to you because through those experiences you teach others as well as heal others with your words, with your compassion and empathy for others who are going through similar experiences or who have been through similar experiences and through that we are able to share our love to others, but it has to start with loving yourself. Love yourself for your experiences, forgive and let go...which includes forgiving yourself for anything you see as mistakes that you have made along the way and truly loving yourself for who you are.

Everything you have gone through thus far are lessons and are a part of who you truly are and through those lessons it is about loving ourselves because we have gone through it and we are stronger for it and it is part of our purpose, to teach others, to heal others and to create from to help others and share with others the love that you are.

You are so amazing! The Angels and your guides are always there guiding and supporting you so always ask when you need them.

Sending you all lots of love and light.

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