Loving Yourself by Sharing Your Gifts

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

This blog is here to share love for yourself by expressing it however you meant to. I truly believe that everyone has abilities/gifts and oftentimes we forget to love ourselves so this is an outlet for those to share with others how they love themselves in their daily lives. We are meant to share our abilities and gifts with others whether it be through paintings or artwork, every day photos you take, the food you make, the songs that you sing, etc...so in this blog you will find the many gifts everyone has and shown in many different ways from people of all walks of life!

Want to be a part of this community? Do you want to inspire others to be creative in their own way and showcase your own work?

You will receive credit for your work and I will post your social media information so people will know where to find you if you they are interested in your work. So if this interests you, please feel free to contact me at compassionatelighthealing@gmail.com

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