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Why do I Procrastinate especially on those goals I truly want to achieve?

Hello beautiful souls!

So who has been there?

You set your intentions on those goals you want to achieve, you receive your next steps...get those feelings that you need to do a specific thing...and you procrastinate.

You tell yourself you will do it later...

I know I have been there!

It happens to the best of us so, first don't beat yourself up for it.

We get tired or we end up with too many things on our plates...too much to do, and we decide to do it later even though we know that in order to achieve the goals that we want to achieve, we need to take action on them.

So why do we do it even though we really want to achieve our goals?

First off, in today's world, we tend to set many goals for ourselves because in our minds we think we need to in order to not be looked at a certain way...whether it be not to be looked at as being lazy, or not ambitious. Or the thought that if we don't achieve many goals, you are just not good enough.

However all of the above, is our ego talking.

Also it has to do with wanting to be accepted by others while for some they are limiting beliefs that we pick up whether it is generationally or from others while growing up.

Sometimes when we set our intentions, it is not what it is that we truly want, and so when you set those intentions and receive the next steps, we are just not motivated to do them because they aren't that important.

So the next time you procrastinate on taking the next steps to achieve the goals you set out to achieve, ask yourself...

"Is this what I truly want?"

"Do I really want to achieve this goal?"

Now if you said yes, then that is great!

Your next step then would be to ask yourself, what is hindering you from taking this next step?

Another thing that happens is that our insecurities get in the way. When we think too much about doing something, our ego steps in and says..."You can't do it"

Our ego will give you excuses on why you wouldn't be able to accomplish it

But remember...

Ego is not from the Divine!

The Divine tells us that we can do anything!

And if you look back at those things you have accomplished in your life, you can see the proof!

You can see that there have been many things you have been able to do even when you didn't think you could.

It is important during these times when ego tries to tell you that you cannot do something, you think back to all of those times when you have accomplished your goals, no matter how big or small.

Can you right now think of those times when you have accomplished goals?

When we are in the midst of trying to achieve them, ego tries to tell us many times we can't do it and when we look back, many times we don't remember those times when ego tried to hold us back, but if you thought about those goals you achieved and took time to think about the process it took you to achieve it, you would probably see those times when you almost gave up, when you thought it was too hard and would not be able to do it.

If you truly want to achieve the goals that you set your intentions on, first understand that you can do it! You can do anything you set your mind to!

Tell that ego mind of yours to go away (yes you can literally tell those negative thoughts to go away...and yes I have many times) and know that you can achieve your goals.

The Divine is always going to show you those steps you need to take and when we take action on those steps that they show you, you are a step closer to achieving those goals and in no time you will be able to look back on this time and say...yes it wasn't easy and I though I couldn't do it, but I DID IT!

So keep in mind that you can do it, keep in mind that you can do anything you truly want to do, and take action on those next steps!

You've got this!!!

Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖


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