Season of Change and Movement

Hello beautiful souls!

Happy Fall to those in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Spring to those in the Southern Hemisphere.

Can you believe that this year is almost over? There are less than 100 days of this year left. I still remember us talking about 2019 coming and how it is was going to be an amazing year of communication and about understanding who we are by sharing our truth and now we are headed to year 2020.

I do not know about you but I love fall. It starts to get cooler and after having a long summer, it is a nice change to breathe in the fresh cool air.

When it comes to fall and spring, we think of leaves falling and changing colors and we also think of spring cleaning for Spring. There is a reason for this.

As we prepare to enter big seasons like Winter and Summer, Fall and Spring our times for us when we are being called to let go of the those things that no longer serve us. We see the leaves falling in the Fall which reminds us to let go of those things that no longer serve us and in the Spring, things start to bloom, because the season is getting us ready for change so that we can start moving forward with those ideas that have been culminating within us.

Archangel Ariel and Archangel Gabriel are stepping forward for us today to remind us that it is time for change. In August, we were shown that we need to create things within our life so that we can be alignment with who we truly are. The Divine showed us what it is that we need to create with our gifts.

This month, as we are now in this season of change, we are being told that it is time to let go of those things that no longer serve us, healing from our past so that we can let go of the limiting beliefs and to move forward and take action on those things we are needing to create that the Divine had shown us. Those are our next steps.

Archangel Gabriel shares this with us when it comes to healing and letting order to heal from our past and understand how it is that we need to heal from it and let it go, many times it is important for us to share with others what it is that we are going through, to communicate it in some way because as we do we get more clarity on what it is that we need to learn. Also as we share with those we can truly confide in, we can receive messages from the Divine through others on what it is that we need to see...a difference perspective that we might be missing and not necessarily that the Divine is only speaking with the other person but to remind you that yes what you are feeling and what you are receiving is actually correct...a validation of sorts. So when you feel the need, it is important to share your truth, share those things you are going through and experiencing and you will be able to heal and let go of those things that are standing in the way of you being able to heal and let go.

This week, we are in a week of not only change but movement. As we get closer to the new moon at the end of this week, we are being reminded of those things we need to set intentions on...what it is that we truly want, and take action...not all at once but with those things the Divine is showing us. Its time to tell the Divine what it is that you truly want and as we let the Divine take control, we have to look for the signs that they show us on what our next steps are, whether it be career opportunities, next steps on creating a business, new projects that you are being shown, a place to move, new relationships, etc.

We are always shown what it is that we need to do next but many times we miss the signs. We miss those things that the Divine is showing us because we are expecting it to come another way.

In order for us to see the signs, you have to let go of the control of how it should look like and let the Divine do their thing and when we do things come in some amazing ways and in ways we may have never expected.

So are you noticing the signs? Are you noticing the next steps for you? Or are fear and doubts keeping you from seeing the signs that are in front of you?

Once you tell the Divine what it is that you truly want, it is time to let it go and let them lead you on your next steps. It is within you and all around you, you just have to look and listen...listen to your heart, listen to what your soul is telling you and follow the signs.

You are so loved dear ones and the Divine is always there supporting and guiding you.

Sending you all lots of love and light!

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