Sharing Your Gifts

Well hello beautiful souls!

I hope you are all had an amazing week! This week if you missed the energy of the week you can go here to find out but today and in the next few days we are in the New Moon energy and new moons are about setting intentions for the new cycle, on what it is that you would like to achieve, accomplish and what you would like to see come into fruition for your life.

I don't know about you but this week as well as this whole month, the Divine has really stretched me, to help me to learn and grow as well as to expand when it comes to my gifts and helped me to stand in my power in a new way and yes it completely goes with the energy of this month. Along with that also means that I have had to let go of many things that I was holding onto because it made me feel safe, it made me feel comfortable, but that is not what the Divine wants for us in so many words.

Yes the Divine wants us to feel safe and comfortable but if it is our fears keeping us from doing those things that we are meant to do, if our ego is telling us not to step out of our comfort zones in order to be safe and comfortable when our soul and the Divine are telling us that it is time to step out of our comfort zone, those are limiting beliefs that we need to let go of. We need to start listening to our soul and the Divine because when we listen, we have to also trust that the Divine will keep us safe and comfortable and when we truly are ourselves, who we are truly meant to be and follow our next steps that they show us, they are going to keep us safe, they will always be supporting us.

So today Archangel Raziel is stepping forward for the message of the week and he wanted me to share with you about sharing your gifts.

So you may be saying...but I don't have any you do!

We all have gifts and we all were born with them. We are all Divine Love and Light and we came here with natural gifts that we all have. Some of these gifts you may not know of yet, and some that you use all the time but don't see them as gifts, but know that we all have gifts.

We were all brought to this world with gifts that match our purpose and our passions. They all are there so that you can make the impact in this world that you are meant to make and yes you are here to make a difference in this world.

Okay so some of you may be laughing right now saying that you are not meant to make an impact in this world or make a difference but you are and I am here to show you that, I am here to help you to see.

Believe it or not, when you wake up in the morning, you are making an imprint in this world. Your energy is being sent out and you are waking up to a day where you can do whatever it is that you choose and even by what you think and say.

Once you wake up, if you have children, a spouse or even pets, you are there to help your children, you say and do things with your spouse or feed and interact with your pets and in those ways you are making a difference in others lives. So this is one way you are making an impact.

Then what else do you do throughout the day, do you work? Do you talk and interact with other people? By doing this you are making an impact as well.

See, there are so many ways that we all are making an impact. When I say make an impact in this world, you may think of these well known people who are speaking to thousands of people to make an impact, but that is not the only way we can make an impact. We can impact those people who are around us and share with them the gifts that we have, whether it is that you are a great listener, or you are great at giving advice or being a shoulder for someone to lean on, or with the work that you do for others. You are making an impact, you are being there for those who need you, who are counting on you, who you encounter every day and just talk to.

By being yourself, you are sharing of yourself which means you are sharing your gifts. Yes you probably have other gifts that you may need uncovering so that you can help even more people, but as you share the gifts that you have now and understand that they are your gifts, and keep practicing sharing your gifts, your gifts will expand and you will be able to understand what more you can do.

Before starting on my spiritual journey, I didn't understand that I had gifts, I just went about doing those things that felt right for me and I did them, and went about my merry way. Now I understand that my gifts of being there for others, the advice I gave to others, my wanting to serve in different ways like leading worship, and teaching Sunday school, helping classmates with their homework, etc... all are a part of my gifts which I am meant to use for my purpose of reaching those who I need to reach to help them to grow and understand who they truly are.

So what are your gifts? Can you identify them? How are you serving others in your way? How are you sharing your gifts? How are you making an impact in their lives?

In November, I will be sharing more about all the different types of gifts you may have on my radio shows so be sure to tune in to hear more about those gifts that you may have and to understand them in a deeper way.

Sending you all love and light!

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