Sharing Your Truth

Hello beautiful souls!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Today as I was getting ready for my day and sat down to channel with the Angels as I do each morning, Archangel Gabriel stepped forward and told me that I needed to sit down to write this message from him so here it is.

So this month of the main Angels stepping forward is Archangel Gabriel as we are in a month of growth, expansion and transformation and he is here to share that sharing our truth is part of the growth process. You can learn more about the energy of the week as well as month on my FB page here.

So many times you may hear from me or others that we need to share our truth, so what does that mean to share our truth? Lets break this down a little...

So what is our truth?

Our truth is understanding who we are when it comes to the experiences and challenges that we have been through in our lives. It is those trials and even the triumphs that we have been through. Also our truth is the lessons that we learn from our experiences.

This month is a 3 year (if you add 2019 together and break it down to a single digit) and 3 is about communication and sharing who we are.

We are being reminded that it is important for us to share who we are, those things that we have been through and the lessons from them and Archangel Gabriel is showing us that this year is a great time to do that.

So why is it that we need to share our truth?

First off, when we share our truth, we share with others what it is that we have been through out lives, which connects us with people. It helps us to connect with those who have been through similar situations and helps to create a bond with others.

Second, when we share our truth, we are able to love others through communication, communicating those things we have gone through but also by telling others the lessons we have learned from them. By doing this, we are sharing our gift of communication, but also sharing our love and gift of empathy because you can relate. We share our love because we are taking the time to share, and giving of our energy so that others can understand that they are not alone.

Third, by sharing our truth, we share those lessons that the person who you are sharing your lessons with things that they may not have realized and help them to receive inspiration and those “AHA” moments that they need to see and know which can open many doors for them. Also when we share this way, we are becoming teachers for others.

Finally, by sharing our truth, not only are we giving, but we also receive. How so? As you share what it is that you are being led to share, you may also get your own “AHA” moments that you may have not realized before which includes what it is that your purpose and your calling is...helping you to understand that maybe this is what I need to create, from my own experiences and struggles and trials.

By sharing our truth, we are sharing our love, we are sharing our gifts, we are sharing our experiences but also, as we share our truth, we learn a little more about ourselves, to understand what it is that we are meant to do, what it is our next steps may be and what it is that we need to create.

When it comes to sharing our truth, it is not just one story, or one moment, but as we continue on this spiritual journey, our truth, is always and changing as we share, it expands, it grows with us as we grow and it helps us to connect with those we need to share it with as well as bring into our lives those we need to learn from as well.

So how are you sharing your truth today?

Sending you all lots of love and light

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