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It's Spring! Are you ready for a Spiritual Spring Cleaning?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Happy Spring beautiful souls!

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is spring and when we think of spring, many times we think of spring cleaning - a time to clear the clutter from the winter and start fresh.

However did you know that when we have this need to clear away the physical clutter, we also have a need to clear away the mental/spiritual clutter but many only focus on the physical part?

Officially, Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn at the same time in the Southern Hemisphere are called the Spring/Autumn Equinox and an Equinox when it comes to the spiritual definition brings about CHANGE.

After a long winter and summer (do you notice that winters and summers seem so much longer than spring and fall), it is important for our bodies, and minds get prepared for what is coming. During summer months, we feel the need to do more on the outside because it is nice and warm, while in the winter months, we feel the need to go within and stay inside because it is cold.

When it comes to Spring/Fall, we have the need and manifests into a physical cleaning because we need to do an internal cleaning as well.

Many do not know how to do an internal (mind/body) cleaning and this is why many focus on the physical.

Yes, when we take care of the physical clutter, it does help with our mental clutter!

Think of those times when after cleaning and letting go of all of the physical things you do not need, you felt so much better? It feels so good right?

One of the reasons is because it is one less thing you need to worry about, one less thing on your to-do list which frees up some of your mental clutter!

So if that helps with some of your mental clutter, why aren't we taking the time to do more of that? Decluttering our mind? And not just our mind, but unpacking our feelings and everything that we have been going through and gone throug, seeing it and letting go of those thoughts/mind chatter and feelings that are not aligned to what it is that we want?

Many times we focus on the physical aspect of cleaning because it is tangible...something we can see and can usually do right away and because you may be busy with work and your daily routine of taking care of family and just life in general that we don't take the time to check in within ourselves to take the time to clear away our worries, and look into those things that bother us, and our feelings that do not feel good.

Is that you? Do you have a lot of things bottled up inside, but you just do not know where to start?

Do you feel like you have a lot of things within you, but because you have a lot of things going on in your life that you just don't have time to sort through all of that stuff going on inside of you?

You are so important, you are amazing and you are meant to do so much so why aren't you taking the time to do the internal spring cleaning? Spiritual spring cleaning?

So how do you do that Spiritual Spring cleaning you ask?

There are several ways...

  1. Journaling - journaling is a great way to get rid of the mental clutter...the mind chatter that comes in. It helps you to separate the ego...the negative self talk that comes in, from your higher self as well as the messages that are coming in from the Divine. When you are able to see what is ego and not who it is that you truly are, you then able to look at it and change the you to change your mindset so that you can let the negative self talk go...YES YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

  2. Meditating - now, meditating is not just about sitting still. The sitting still is the first part, but meditation can help you to heal wounds, help you understand lessons, let go of those things that do not serve you, help you move forward and receive messages from the Divine that you need. I WILL HAVE A BLOG POST ABOUT MEDITATION AT A LATER TIME.

  3. Talking with others - whether it be with a therapist, a spiritual teacher/coach, or a friend who knows what questions to ask, talking it out can be a great way to help you with your Spiritual Spring Cleaning. Talk with someone you know who will take the time to listen to you, ask you questions so that you can really dig deeper into what it is that you need to work on and be there to help you to see what it is that you need to see...someone who can help you to acknowledge what you need to work on, and to help guide you to switch that negative talk so that you can switch your mindset, which helps you to let go and move forward.

Are you ready to do some Spiritual Spring Cleaning?

Do you want to let go of some of the mind chatter/mental clutter that does not serve you? That keeps you from moving forward in your life?

I am here to help! If you are needing someone to help you to do a Spiritual Spring Cleaning, please be sure to reach out to me at or through Facebook and I would love to be there to help you through this.

Sending you all lots of love and light!!! 💖💖💖

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