Standing in your Power

Hello beautiful souls!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

So today I am coming to you with Archangel Uriel to

speak to you about what it means to stand in your


This week, the Angels have been reminding me that it is important for you to stand in your power. I will explain how...

First lets discuss, what does it mean to stand in your power?

Standing in your power first means understanding who you truly are...knowing what it means to be completely yourself, not worrying about what others think and doing those things that YOU want...not what you think other people expect of you and not doing things because you want people to like you, but doing what makes you happy, doing those things because you feel like doing it.

When we do those things we truly want to do and be who we truly are, we are then able to see what it is that we want to achieve, what it is we see for ourselves in our lives, our goals and dreams, our desires and passions. We are able to see that clearly because we are focused on what we want, focused on how we see our life unfolding and when we do this, we are able to see those things that make us happy which in turn helps us to understand our purpose. When we are too focused on what we think others want from us, or act the way that we think others expect us to act, we give our power away and then we are not standing in our power.

When we are happy, we are in alignment to what it is that we desire for ourselves but also when we look at what it is that we truly desire and our passionate about, we are also able to see that being in alignment to our passions helps others.

Many times we think that when we act the way others expect us to act, or do the things others expect us to do, we think that we are helping others, that we are serving others, but in reality that is the opposite. Not only are you giving your power away, but you are giving people a false sense of who you truly are, and your true self is amazing and we are meant to be our true selves because we all have a purpose in this life, but when we do those things that we think other people need, we are robbing them of being able to see their own selves. We are robbing them of the opportunity of understanding what it truly feels to be in alignment and what it feels like to be in the energy of authenticity and hinder them from being their own true self.

You see when it comes to energy, energy does not lie, so when you are not being genuine you are sending out that energy into the Universe and the right people will not be led to you, but when you are genuinely yourself and you are truly happy because you are in alignment, people will see that, people will feel that and then you in your own power, will be able to show others how amazing they are and help them to become their true selves.

This week I was reminded of this for my own life. I have been there where I tried to be someone I am not because I wanted people to like me, but because I was doing that many times I attracted the wrong people into my life. I would get those people who would always come to me because they needed help and I saw that they needed help I would offer that help to them, but because I wanted them to like me, I kept helping the, but in reality I wasn’t helping them, because they were not finding the answers for themselves. They expected me to give them the answers to their problems, and it would not stop coming and I would end up being tired and drained until I had nothing else to give. So you can see, I thought I was helping people when in reality, I was not helping them to find the answers within themselves, but I was doing it for them and then for myself I was being drained and I was also starting not like helping others as I should have. I was giving all of my power away, I was no longer in alignment to who I was and I was not standing in my power.

When I finally started learning more about who I truly am and how I am to help others, because yes I still wanted to help and serve others in huge ways, that is when I started to realize that it needed to start with me. I needed to be able to see who I truly was first, which yes started with having to do lots of healing from all of those times in my life when I was told true self... was not good enough, when in those times in my life that I couldn’t and would not be able to do certain things in my life. I had to heal those things to be able to stand in my power, to be able to know that yes I could do whatever I truly wanted to do, and that those things that I was always passionate about is who I am and that I can do it if I wanted to. Once I understood that and healed from my past experiences that is when I started to stand in my power.

And when you stand in your power, you are able to then let those who you are trying to help know what it is that you can do for them and what it is that you cannot. Yes that is right, it is about boundaries. We are not here to do things for people, we are here to help them to find themselves, we are here to help them to understand their own true selves by sharing about our own lives and what we have learned, but we are not here to do it for them because they are then giving their own power away. We are here to guide them by sharing what it was like for us, the lessons that we have learned so eventually they can see that they have that power within them also, but we can help others by helping them to see that who they truly are are within them and that they can also stand in their own power.

So, are you standing in your power? How are you doing this right now in your own life?

By understanding who we truly are, and understanding that we have the answers within us and that we are meant to be our true, authentic selves, this is when we are able to stand in our own power.

Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖

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