Stepping out of Your comfort zone

Hello beautiful souls!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a wonderful week.

This week Archangel Uriel and Archangel Raphael stepped forward for us for the energy of the week and it had to do with doing some inner work. You can check out the energy of the week and the month here

The inner work that they were showing us has to do with healing and letting go of those limiting beliefs that is keeping us from stepping out of our comfort zones so that we can achieve those goals that we are set out to achieve and well a be able to step into our purpose.

So what are these limiting beliefs? They are fears that we cannot do it and that we will fail, and those doubts that come in that tell us that we are not good enough, that it is not meant for us and that others can do it better. These limiting beliefs are not who we truly are because the Divine tells us that yes we can do it, that we can do anything that we truly desire, anything that really is part of what we are passionate about.

So where do these fears and doubts come from? They come from the past whether it be when you were very little, learning from others telling you or trying to show you that you cannot do it or you are not good enough or from learning by hearing others say that it is not possible or learning from parents that you just cannot do certain things because they did not believe either and that belief you took on as to be true.

The Divine wants you to understand that you are here to do amazing things and that you have the passions and desires that you have because it is meant for you to create from and to do great things with. You also have gifts and abilities that match your passions so that you can use them together in order to make the impact that you are meant to make. If this was not meant for you, they would not have given you the gifts and abilities you have and they would not have given you the passions that you have.

So you may be asking, so what are my passions and what are my gifts? This is about going back to the basics. Think back to when you were little, what is it that you wanted to be when you grew up? I know this may sound silly and you may be wondering how any of that has to do with your passions and what you are meant to do but it has a lot to do with what you have to do.

When you are younger, you have not been too exposed to all of the things society and others tell it is that we should look or be, how we should talk, what we should believe, etc...that happens over time as we grow and are integrated more and more with many different people and the outside world. So when you are younger, you are pure and because of that you are truly who you are, understanding what it is that you want to do and be and how you want to help others because you are Divine Love and Light.

When we heal and let go of these limiting beliefs, we are able to go back to who we truly are, shaving off those layers of limiting beliefs that are keeping us from understanding our true selves and so then after letting those go we are reminded of who we truly are and what it is that we are meant to do. This is when we remember our passions and what it is that we love and that is also when we remember as well as connecting with where you are today, what your gifts are and how they tie in with what it is that your passions are.

This is what we are being called to do this week, to go inward and heal those limiting beliefs and understand with clarity what it is that we are meant to do so that we can step into it, so that we can understand our purpose and achieve those goals that we are wanting to achieve.

As you do this healing and letting go of those fears and doubts, you will then be able to step out of your comfort zone. If we do not step out of our comfort zone, it is hard for anyone to be able to achieve those things that you are wanting to achieve and do those things that are a part of your purpose.

For example, if you are wanting to run a marathon, or want to start a business, if you don’t take the first step and practice running, or take the first steps in order to launch your business, you cannot expect to be able to run a marathon or have a business.

So what is the Divine calling you to do? What are those intentions that you set?

In August, in the creation energy, the Divine showed us what it is that we are meant to create, do you remember what that was?

Now that we are in October we are being shown that it is time to take action, it is time to take those first steps so that you can do those things you are meant to do. The Divine is showing you what those first steps are, but if you do not clear those limiting beliefs, you will have a hard time seeing as well as then being able to step out of your comfort zone so that you can do those things you are meant to do and live in alignment to who you truly are.

So this week I encourage all of you to tune in with Archangel Raphael and Uriel and they will help you to heal and let go of those limiting beliefs so that you can step out of your comfort zone.

This week, the Divine is really preparing us for 2020 which is around the corner and 2020 is going to be an amazing year. So tune and lets get ready!

You are all so amazing and so loved and supported.

Sending you lots of love and light!

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