Using your Gifts to Manifest the Life you Desire

Well hello beautiful souls!

So today Archangel Raziel is stepping forward for us today for our message.

You know it is so interesting how the Angels always come through in one way or another when it comes to messages that I need to share.

This morning I was chatting with a couple of people this morning on this very topic when Archangel Raziel stepped forward telling me that this is what I need to write about. I had asked them for the last few days what it is that I needed to write about but all they would say it wait and be patient...and they say that a lot to me and sure enough on the day I was to write on my blog they show me through conversations I have with others. Does that happen to you?

So today Archangel Raziel is bringing us the message of our gifts and manifesting the life that we truly desire and how it fits together.

Have you wondered why you have the gifts that you have or what you are supposed to do with your gifts?

You have the gifts that you have because you are made to use them to create from and to do what it is you are meant to do and everyone has their own unique gifts.

Now you may be telling gifts are not unique...many others can do the things that I can do.

Well if you were to come to me telling me that I would tell your gifts are very unique to you.

The reason is because no one is like you, no one else has your energy, how you present yourself to the world and no one can do it just like you.

For instance if you are a writer, your writing style is going to be different from everyone and then you have the energy that you give off as you write that is different and even the words you use and how you use it will be different from others. This is why many times you will see many books on the same topic because everyone's way of writing is unique.

Or for instance when it comes to music, you may be in the same genre as someone else, and may sing about the same topic, but it will be different.

Also think of it this way, as a consumer, you will buy a book from a certain author about subject and choose theirs over others for a reason...because you resonate with them even though hundreds of others may be writing about the same topic, or you listen to certain artists because you are drawn to them over other artists who are singing about the same thing.

Just like this, your gifts are unique to you, the way you present yourself, the way your energy is felt by others, your gift is unique and IT IS NEEDED!!!

So then you may ask, so how does this translate to manifesting the life you desire?

We are given these gifts that we have because it is meant for us to use, it is meant for us to step into our purpose and do those things that we are passionate about. It is meant for us to use them as our careers, and for us to serve others that will fulfill our lives.

We are meant to live in joy and we have the passions and desires because it makes us happy.

Joy and Happiness are high lifts us up, and motivates us to keep going. The Divine wants us to live in joy and happiness. When we are in joy and happiness, we are living in alignment with who we truly are.

And you know what?

When we live in joy and happiness, and do those things that make us happy, we are telling the universe, yes I want more of this, this is what we want so please bring more of this into our lives. That is what manifesting is about.

Now when it comes to our energy, you can't hide your true self. You have truly be happy in order for you to manifest even more abundance your way and we are meant for abundance but there are some things that can block that abundance.

So what blocks us from the abundance that we deserve?

Limiting beliefs...fears and doubts that may be deep seated because of cultural or childhood beliefs that came through from others, things that others have told you while growing up or shown you how things are supposed to be, can be blocking you from the abundance that you deserve and have the right to.

Now going back to your gifts, you have your gifts for a reason and you also have passions and desires that you are meant to step into because we are meant to be in joy and happiness. So are you using them to create those things you are meant to create with them? Are you doing the work you are meant to do that brings you joy but also serves others at the same time?

If you are not why not? What is stopping you? What limiting beliefs are coming in from having you become the person you are meant to become?

For many it is because of the responsibilities you have to your family. You tell yourself and others that if I do what I am passionate about I will not be able to support my family. That is a limiting belief beautiful soul. If you truly want it, the Divine will provide you a way to do it, but you have to trust, you have to trust in what the Divine is bringing to you for your next steps, but you have to show them that you want it. And how do you do that? By listening to that next step and trusting and believing that they will provide.

The Universe and the Divine always has your back. They want you to succeed, they want you to be happy. If that were not the case we wouldn't have the emotions of joy and feelings of happiness and we wouldn't have passions and those things we desire.

So I had mentioned about showing the Universe how we need to show them we want it and we do this by investing in ourselves. This is how you show them that you truly want it and you are serious about it. If you want to be a musician, then you have to get good at your craft even if you have the gift, there are others who can show you how to be a better singer or how you can play an instrument better. If you are a writer, to take classes on how to become a better writer.

Yes you have the gift you have and may be good at it, but everyone are on different levels of our journey and others can show you how to become better at it, but still be you. Taking classes or learning from someone else doesn't mean you will be just like them, but they will help you to fine tune your gift so that you can become a better you.

I always say that we are all teachers and healers and when it comes to our gifts and when we invest in ourselves, we learn from others who are great at certain areas while you still be yourself with your strengths. And in turn, you are going to be able to teach others your gifts while they keep their strengths and use theirs.

And once you take that step in investing in yourself and showing the Universe and the Divine that you truly want it, they will help you to understand what it is that you need to next, and they will keep showing you step by step until you achieve your goals and are living the life that you truly want and doing those things you are meant to do.

You can the live the life that you truly want and the Universe and the Divine are rooting for you and showing you the signs and telling you though your heart what it is that you need to do. It is your job to step out of your comfort zone and show them you want it so that they can lead you to it, so they support and guide you so that you can succeed.

You are so loved beautiful souls.

Sending you lots of love and light.

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