Are You Using Your Natural Gifts and Abilities

Today Archangel Raziel wanted me to share this message/lesson on our natural gifts and abilities.

So what are our natural gifts and abilities? Do you have any?

We all have natural gifts and abilities that we are born with and those that are "dormant" within us. These natural gifts and abilities are those things we can do without having to have learned it from someone else.

I have recently spoken about one of our natural gifts and that is Love. Love is a natural gift because we were born with it. We are born to love others, we are Divine Love and Light and in so being these beings of Love and Light, we are called to love others in many different ways.

Last week the energy of the week had to do with sharing our love, and in sharing our love we share a part of who we truly are. How did you share your love last week?

This week, the energy is about tuning inward and loving ourselves, loving who we truly are even through everything that we have been through because we have to remember that everything we go through our lessons for us to learn from and grow.

So being in this energy of tuning into ourselves, how can we love ourselves more this week? How can we use this week's energy to our advantage so that we can grow into the person we are truly meant to be?

If there are things that are coming up for you that is not feeling good and not in alignment with who you truly are, it is time to ask I using my natural gifts of love for myself? Am I loving myself the way I want to be loved?

Also when it comes to other natural gifts, we all have so many! Do you have the gift of empathy? Being able to show that we truly care and that we are there for them?

For some people. they may see empathy not as a gift but it truly is a gift. With our gift of empathy we can truly be there and understand those who are going through difficult times so that we can be there for them and may even understand what they are going through because you have been through it yourself. That is one way you are able to love and are given that ability to empathize because you are meant to heal and teach others those lessons that you have learned.

Do you have the gift of creativity in any form? How about the gift of being able to encourage others? Or an ability to be able to help people create businesses? Yes that is a gift too!

This week I encourage you to look within and look at your gifts and abilities. Ask Archangel Raziel to help you to understand what your gifts are. What it is that you are great at and ask him to show you those times when you were able to use your gifts.

We all have natural gifts and we are all being called to use them to serve others as well as use your gifts to create from.

Remember you are being called to create from your passions and your desires and your gifts are related to that. Your gifts coordinate with your passions and using them you are able to make an impact in this world that you are meant to make.

I encourage you to share with me what your gifts and abilities are.

And also if you are still not sure of your gifts, I would love to work with you to help you to understand what they are and how to use them so feel free to reach out to me and book a session so that I can help you to understand it and how you are to create from it and make that impact...if you would like to book a session with me click here.

Sending you all lots of love and light!

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