Sharing your Gifts that connect to your Purpose

Hello beautiful souls!

Hope you all had a wonderful week!

Today Archangels Raziel and Gabriel are stepping forward for us for the message.

This week, the Angels showed me a lot about myself this week and what it is that I am meant to do on a bigger scale and this happened because I was open to receiving in a big way.

If you remember, last month was a huge month for growth and transformation, helping you to understand more about who you are and learning the lessons that you need to learn. This month is about taking those lessons that you learned and seeing how they connect with your gifts and what it is that you are meant to create.

For myself, a big lesson I Iearned was about my power. This is a lesson that I have had to learn time and time again but in bigger ways each time I had to learn. They first showed me this when I first created my business which was huge for me...I had created businesses before but this was different because this was in terms of healing which I had discovered through Reiki, but I was being shown to trust that bigger things were coming and sure enough as soon as I had created my business, I started my journey on radio which the Divine put in my way which led to helping others in a bigger way with my gifts of guidance and channeling, and eventually understanding myself as a teacher.

When it came to my lessons about power last month, it had to do with an even bigger mission that the Divine has always had for me as I saw this past week and how it all ties in with my gifts that the Angels have shown me thus far and I was being shown what it is my greater mission is, they showed me how everything I have learned and everything I have been doing as far as my gifts, all fit together, reminding me of the moments and memories of why I saw certain things or why I had certain gifts.

This is what I mean when I say that your gifts connect with your purpose and what you are meant to do. There is always a reason we encounter certain people, there is always a reason why we go through certain challenges and why we learn certain lessons because eventually, they all tie into a bigger purpose, a bigger mission that you have so that you can make an impact in this world

You have been given certain gifts to use and these gifts tie into your purpose, they are connected however it is not always easy to see how it is connected at first.

For instance, when I first started my healing business, I saw that connection but I did not see why the Divine would have me be on the radio. I never saw myself being on radio, and a lot had to do with my past. You see, English is not my first language and I did not learn English until I was in third grade when I started going to a school that had teachers who could teach me so I never in a million years saw myself being on radio, speaking to an audience and have callers call in and it would be broadcast for many to listen to.

I have never thought that would ever happen, but the Divine saw my big picture, my mission and gave me this next step, and yes I had lots of fears that I needed to work through which a lot of them occurred while I was taking the steps on being radio. If you listen to my first shows on radio you can totally tell in my voice that I was not comfortable and still had my fears, but it was when I trusted and took the steps that slowly, the Angels helped me with the fears, they helped me to heal and let go so that I can do those things that I was meant for and they have showed me that this is a gift that I have had all along that is part of my purpose. Then as I was learning this gift, then another layer showed up...going Live on Facebook....I then had to heal on a new layer and let go of those fears and doubts as well and so on...

This is how the Divine works. They show us through steps to help us with a bigger purpose that we are meant for. They show us as we are ready to draw us closer to that bigger picture of making an impact in this world...they will not have you jump into something that you would not be ready for, but they do ask of you to trust that you can do something if they are telling you and showing you what your next steps are even if you have never done it before because they know that you have the gifts within you to do it, they know what your bigger picture is, they know your greater purpose and when you take those next steps and trust, they will show you even more and they will guide you through.

So part of the title of this blog is sharing your gift, so what do I mean?

Archangel Gabriel shows us that it is important for us to share the gifts that we are given. Sharing through doing and sharing through words and communicating.

We are not given the gifts we have to keep to ourselves. They are meant to share with the world. They are meant for us to share with those that the Divine bring our way, they are meant for us to share through different media, radio, writing, etc. They are meant to share and every one of us have gifts that are needed and important for others to understand and as we share our gifts, we are then able to see how it is that we are meant to use it and how it helps others.

With our gifts we are able to help others to awaken, we are able to help others heal and eventually we are able to see that as we help others, we see that we are meant for more, we are meant to be teachers by sharing our experiences and the lessons we have learned from them and that we are meant to be healers using our different gifts and as we share our gifts and learn more about what we can do, we start to understand our purpose, we understand what we are meant to do and give our lives meaning and feel in alignment with who we truly are.

Also as we share our gifts, we see that we are important and we are needed, that our gifts do matter and that we need to shine it out into the world because with your gifts, you reach those who need your gifts, you reach those who need to hear what you need to say through your own experiences, through your gifts, you are able to be that beacon of light to others who have yet to open up to their own gifts and you are the one who will help them to see that and you will be the one who will be able to show them their own Divine Love and Light that they are.

Your gifts are so important dear is so important for you to understand that you are meant to make an impact in this world...yes YOU!! I am talking to you!

At first it may be hard to see, but it is all within you. You have the power and you have the wisdom within you. I can see it and I want you to be able to see that power.

Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖

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