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Stepping Into Your Purpose 

group Retreats

Hello beautiful soul!

Are you looking for a retreat where you can receive both one-on-one sessions as well as benefit from workshops and group sessions?

Then you found the right retreat for you!

At Stepping Into Your Purpose group Retreats you will receive one-on-one sessions where you will learn more about who you truly are and your next steps. You will receive healing and guidance sessions needed to help you to move forward in your purpose as well as understand what your gifts and abilities are so that you can step into your fullest potential.

I hold these retreats because we are all meant to do great things and are here to make an impact in this world and I want to help you to understand that. I want to help you to understand what it is that you are meant to do in this world so that you can make that impact you were meant to and step into your purpose.

With the help of the Angels I will help you to understand all of that. I will help you to let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into who you truly are, and help you to see with the help of the Divine what it is that you need to know when it comes to your gifts and abilities and what you need to do in order to use them to help other as well as help yourself and your life.

So what is the cost for the group retreat?

It starts at $888 per person depending on location

What is included?

Lodging and meals 

one-on-one sessions each day

group sessions 


group tours


3-5 days

Location? sure to follow to sign up for our newsletter for updates on our retreats.

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