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Hello beautiful soul!

Welcome to the Compassionate Light Healing Associates website! We are so glad you have come to visit!

With the start of a new year and a new decade, our business is changing. We used to be Compassionate Light Healing Associates, but now we are Compassionate Light Global Schools, Inc. aka Compassionate Light Global and we are now a nonprofit here to help individuals live a life of joy and happiness as we are meant to be by helping you to discover your natural gifts and abilities as well as your passions so that you can find your purpose and live in alignment to who you truly are.

We will be updating this page in the next few weeks so bear with us and in the meantime, be sure to sign up for our email list so that you can get updates on what it is that is going on as we go along.

We will still be offering services, but all proceeds will go towards the nonprofit.

Sending you all lots of love and light 💖💖💖

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