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Looking for a program or others courses for personal development?

Be sure to check out this page as well as the subpages for other programs and workshops that are available.

Intro to  Angelic Energy Healing

Interested in learning about Angelic Energy Healing? 
This is an introduction to Angelic Energy Healing and in this course you will learn about the Archangels, what they can help you with and the energies they bring.
You will also learn how to meditate, do some journal exercises, and more...

Angelic Energy Healing - Intermediate course

This course is for those who took the Introduction course and would like to continue learning more about Angelic Energy Healing, with more tools and techniques to be able to tune into the energy of the Angels which include meditations/journeys and more...

Angelic Energy Healing - Advanced  Course

Have you taken the first 2 courses and would like to start practicing as an Angelic Energy Healer? In this advanced course you will get advanced techniques and tools in order to be an Angelic Energy Healer who can use your specific gifts and abilities to be able to help your clients with the Angels so they can feel at their best energetically. Included in this course is 2 60 minute one-on-one sessions with me after you are done with the course.

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