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Anything is Possible!!!

Hello beautiful souls!

I hope you are having a wonderful start to this beautiful new week.

I know it has been a while since I posted on here but a lot has been going on...lots of changes and growth.

For those who have listened to my shows on the radio know that I have been on hiatus for a bit but I will be back soon but in the meantime I will be doing some posting on my blog as well as my facebook page to give you the messages that are coming up from the Divine and to help you to really move forward as we continue on this spiritual on this year.

This year is very special in that there are many changes occuring, lots of upleveling for everyone...lots of growth for everyone, but especially, there is a lot of people that are truly coming into their own and seeing their true potential.

This is a very powerful year for many and we are meant to move forward.

There is a new enegy that is coming in this week. A very powerful one.

Today I was watching a movie called "Magician's Elephant" and for those of you who know me know that I get lots of messages while watching movies and tv shows...especially when watching animated/children's movies...and yes I admit I still watch those and not ashamed of it...not only because I have children, but even before I had children I preferred animated movies...just ask my husband lol!

So in the movie, there is this boy who lived in this town that was always cloudy, one day finds a fortune teller who tells him that his sister is alive and is told that he would find her with the help of an elephant. Now this boy, who was poor, used the only coin he had which he was supposed to use to buy food, to get this information and because, according to the fortune teller's rules, can only ask one question for each coin, he could only get that information because of his question, that is all that he went by. To find an elephant.

So this boy goes home with no food for him and his guardian and ends up dreaming about his lost sister while on the other side of town there is a magician who doesn't seem to be doing well with his audience happens to make an elephant appear.

The next day he finds out about the elephant and with the help of his neighbor, finds the elephant and circumstances lead him to friending the elephant and because of the King of the town, he goes through 3 tests that he needs to pass in order to be able to keep the elephant to help him find his sister.

As you can probably imagine, he passes the so-called "impossible" tests and along the way finds his sister in a way that he was not expecting and the elephant gets to go home, which was what the boy wanted for the elephant because he learned that the elephant had a family also.

So why am I telling you this?

This week's energy has to do with understanding that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

You are probably thinking, but Catharine I know that.

Do you really for your own life?

Do you know that it can happen for you?

How many times have you come across times in your life when you really wanted to manifest something, but it didn't happen? Maybe you took all of these courses or worked with people who told you you can manifest but hasn't worked out for you. Then you kind of give up.

Let me know tell you, that yes it has happened to me also, especially when I first began my journey, my spiritual journey.

BUT, let me ask you, did you really want it?

Think about those times in your life when you really wanted something and you got it.

What did you do to get it?

Let me say that again...What did you DO?

Yes when it comes to wanting things to happen in your life, we have to take ACTION!

Manifesting is not only about telling the Divine/Universe that you want it. Setting the intention is only the first part, the next part is then taking the steps that the Divine/Universe shows you and take ACTION on it.

Remember that we are co-creators.

And yes we are meant to go after our dreams and what we want.

The Divine wants us to live lives of joy and happiness

So what is keeping you from living that life that you truly want?

Are you in your own way of living that life that you want?

Are you keeping yourself stuck? Not taking action on those things you want to manifest in your life?

Stop getting in the way...meaning stop letting ego from keeping you from doing those things you want to do and DO IT!

Yes you are meant for what you really want.

The Divine didn't give us dreams just because.

It is meant for us to live in it, to do it and go after it!

Don't let any excuses or what you think are limitations stop you from going after what you want.

Yes it takes ACTION on our part.

But, it is easy! The Divine shows you those next steps!

They show us what we need to do to get there?

Don't let "I can't do it" excuses that comes in through ego stop you because YOU CAN DO IT!

You can do anything that you truly want to...but do you really want it?

Do you want it bad enough that you will do anything to get there?

Now just like in the movie, it is not always going to happen the way that we expect.

We may also miss the signs sometimes or the next steps that we are shown, but know that if you keep your eye on the prize, those steps will keep coming but you have to do something about it.


You can make your dreams into reality if you really want it!

So what are you waiting for?


Sending you all lots of love and light 💖💖💖


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