Big Vision, Small Steps

Hello beautiful souls!

Welcome to year 2020! We finally made it to a new year and to a new decade? Can you believe it?

I hope your year is off to a great start as we enter a new decade and year that is going to be amazing for so many people, can you feel it?

This year we are in a 4 year which is going to be all about taking action and knowing that you are supported by the Divine. This year we are going to be taking all of those things we learned last year and applying it and taking action on our purpose and those things we truly desire in our lives.

So this week, one of the things Archangel Uriel is stepping forward for us to share with us is that as we move forward in stepping into our purpose and our vision for this year and for the years to come is to first start off by taking the first steps.

Many times when we think about our big vision, it can be very overwhelming because there are many moving parts to our big vision, there are so many different things we have to do in order for our big vision to happen, however the Divine always shows us what it is that we need to do next in small steps, so that it is achievable and attainable for us and so that we are not overwhelmed.

The Divine wants us to think about big vision and dream of it, but when it comes to taking action, it is important for us to see what small steps we need to take so that later on we can look back and see that all of those small steps helped us to achieve that bigger vision that we have.

I remember when I went to Sedona and I was headed to one of the vortexes, I thought I would not be able to reach it because it was so far away, but that is because I was jumping ahead of myself and trying to look too far ahead into the future, but the Angels reminded me that it starts with the first step and then the next and as I focused on taking action on the small steps, I was then able to reach the vortex, reach my goal.

Also I have been shown this lesson recently when it comes to my own vision for this new decade and it was on writing my book and creating a nonprofit. I was very overwhelmed by the fact that I had to do all of these different things and I was thinking about all the different people I needed and what I had to do and thinking big picture, but have been reminded time and time again how I needed to focus on one thing at a time. For my book to write the things that was coming to me at the moment and not think about editing or other logistics and for the nonprofit to take the first step in forming the nonprofit.

So if you are wanting reach a huge goal, have a huge vision, what small steps can you take today in order to eventually be able to reach your final destination? What are the Angels showing you today that you need to know in order to step out of your comfort zone so that you can create whatever it is that you are meant to create?

You can do it! You are meant to and capable of doing it. Your vision may seem huge, but look right in front of you. What do you see that you need to do first? What needs your attention first which will then be able to help you to see what you have to do next?

Your big vision starts with taking action on the small steps that is right in front of you and once you have taken action on those, take the next little step and keep moving forward. Our journey here is not a sprint, but it is a marathon and at the end, you will be able to look back and really be able to celebrate all that you have accomplished and all the little steps that you have taken to achieve your goals.

Sending you all lots of love and light! 💖💖💖

PS...if you haven’t checked out the energy of the week with Archangels Uriel and Chamuel be sure to check it out by going to

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