Facing Your Fears

Hello beautiful souls!

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful week!

Can you believe it is the last day of March already? Seems as if the time is flying by even in the midst of all that is happening in the world currently. I hope all of you are staying safe.

We as a world through this pandemic have come a long way. We have learned a lot of lessons on what it is that we can do, what we can change in our situations and how we can be there for others.

What have you learned about yourselves through all of this?

This week we had Archangels Zadkiel, Raphael and Ariel step for our energy of the week as well as our preview for the month and you can find that message here

And a part of the energy of this week is about letting go of fears that has to do with being able to move forward in our journey, being able to achieve our goals and stepping into our purpose.

We are now being asked to do this because in the last few weeks we had many other things to take care of to be able to figure out a new normal for our daily lives with this pandemic...when it came to getting our children settled into studies or just being home every single day without school, when it came to our work and being told that we needed to work from home as well as how our own self-care would look like and now that we are all starting to settle into our new “normal,” the energy that we are presented with is one of focusing on our goals and our purpose.

We are still meant to move forward through all of this, we are all still meant to achieve our goals and step into our purpose, but now with the pandemic, how do we face the fears that we are facing? How do we move forward when we are being asked to stay inside, not be able to go anywhere and everything seems turned upside down?

Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Raphael are stepping forward for our message this week and they are first letting us know that everything will be okay.

We are meant to live a life that is full and a life that is full of happiness and even though right now it is hard to see that, it is possible for us to be able to go back to that.

Now because of all that is happening with this pandemic, and in general we never know what will happen in the future and it is hard for us to see all that we are able to accomplish, but when we are able to face our fears, when we are able to see that we are meant to do this, that we are capable of doing anything that we truly desire, we are then able to let go of our fears and release them.

But it starts with understanding that you have been brought here on this Earth to do what it is that you are passionate about, what it is that you truly desire, because we have those passions and desires for a reason. It is meant for us to use in order to live that life that we are meant to live.

Many times fears and doubts about whether we can do it or not, or if we are good enough come in because of the past. Many times because during childhood we were told we were not good enough in some way or that we can’t be something that we truly want to be because of fears that were not healed in those lives who may inadvertently tell you that you cannot do it.

The person or people who taught you that limiting belief may have been inadvertently told the same while they were growing up as well or they went through an experience which made them believe that they couldn’t do anything that they truly wanted to do.

But you can break that cycle, you can face that fear, change the story and know that you are capable of doing anything that you truly want and when you are able to let go of that fear, you will then be able to gain clarity on what your next steps are, how it is that you are to step out of your comfort zone, how to move forward with your purpose and achieve the goals that are waiting for you.

The Divine wants us to go after what it is that we truly want. They want us to dig deep within and ask ourselves...what do I truly want?

So what is it that you truly want?

How are you to live your life so that it is fulfilling to you while you are serving and helping others?

We are meant to serve others and when truly look deep within our soul, those things we are passionate about, that we are meant to do, they are all to not only help ourselves but those around us. We are all meant to make an impact in this world.

So what is your soul calling you to do?

And if you do know, what fears are you facing that is keeping you from stepping into your purpose?

Its time to face those fears, release and let them go knowing that you are meant to do so much, and step out of your comfort zone and into your purpose.

So are you ready? April is tomorrow and it is going to be a month of abundance but first you need to let go of those fears and doubts so that you can keep moving forward, so that you can keep doing those things you are being called to do.

You can do this! You are meant to do this. Look within and see the power that you have within you. Know that what your soul is calling you to do is meant for you. You have everything that you need within you to be able to step into your purpose.

Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖

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