Stepping Into MY Purpose

Hello beautiful souls!

I hope you all have been having a wonderful week!

We are finally coming out of the full moon energy so hope you are feeling much lighter than this weekend.

So for this week's blog, I had asked the Angels what it is that they wanted me to cover because they are the ones who really wanted me to do this blog and usually it comes to me but along with all of you they have been having me go through some transformation as well.

So today Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel stepped forward telling me that it was important for me to share about myself and how I have come to step into my purpose as this week is about stepping out of our comfort zones and stepping into what we are meant to do.

For myself, I have always had this knowing and these intense feelings about what others were feeling and it has helped to help in others in a way that I have felt they needed help however I never saw it as a special gift...just thought everyone was like that and that is how everyone knew to help others.

I always was there to listen to others because I knew they were hurting, or would call someone out of the blue because I had this feeling that they needed to talk. I even helped by teaching Sunday School and leading praise and worship for children and adults at an early age because I knew I could help in some way and yes I even helped teachers at school and students in my class with their work because I knew that they were struggling.

I always helped in any way I could even though I have never done it before because I knew that they needed help or they needed someone to listen and to me that was normal and didn't think twice about it. That is just who I was.

However as I was growing up and getting older, I had many people who convinced me that I couldn't do certain things or I was not good enough in some way that yes led me to feel conscious about myself, that led me to believe that I needed to act a certain way, or have a certain education or skills to be able to do certain things and slowly but surely, I didn't help others as much as I had used to, which made me fall out of alignment with myself. I lost who I was, and eventually felt lost completely.

When I really started feeling like I was losing myself was when I lost my babies...I had 3 losses in a at 18 1/2 weeks pregnant, our second was early and then our last which was our daughter at 20 weeks born stillborn. After each of my losses, yes I didn't want to go on, I had lost hope, I lost faith in God and many times I questioned why I was here, why I was still alive when my babies were not. It was very hard and I would spend months in bed.

After a while thanks to my husband but also with the holidays coming, I had to get myself out of bed and integrate myself back into society so eventually I did and yes there were tougher days then others but eventually I got myself going again...I did lose a big part of myself but got myself going...

We eventually had our children who are with us, we had our oldest who is now 7 after 6 months of strict bedrest, then after he came we decided we wanted more, and after finding out I had Graves' Disease, as soon as I had started medication became pregnant with our twins. That is when we were hit with another challenge...

They came early at 26 weeks (3 months early) and although it was a challenge, the Angels were definitely watching over us because before they came we had a nanny in place for my oldest because I had to be on bedrest with my twins as well, but the Divine gave me the strength to be able to take care of my twins and be their advocate.

We almost lost both of them many times but the Angels were always there...even giving me the strength to strongly advocate for them when doctors and nurses told me things that were against my intuition, but the Divine always gave me the strength to do it...of course I didn't really realize it at the time through everything we were going through but they were making sure everything would be okay.

So, when does my stepping into my purpose start? It started when after my boys came home, I was finally feeling into the depression of everything I have gone through and the PTSD of the whole NICU experience and I realized afterwards that I needed some help...

I turned to meds at this point because I didn't know what else to do and I had these boys I needed to take care of, but the Divine had different plans.

I soon found out I was allergic to those meds which according to my doctor he has never seen, so I weaned off of them and needed to find alternative ways of dealing with my depression.

This then led to me doing some research on google and facebook and I found myself researching about laws of attraction, manifestation, meditation and eventually I found Reiki and after studying it and becoming a Crystal Reiki Master, I knew I had started to find what I was meant to do. This then led me to my path towards learning about the Angels and how they have always been with me through my life, guiding me and supporting me.

It wasn't until I found my purpose in healing, was it when I started to remember who I truly was, the person I was when I was younger, when I loved helping people in so many different ways, being there for them and guiding them, helping them through their pain and helping them to understand just how amazing they are.

It wasn't until I had to go through my own pain and my own hardships to be able to be shown what it is that I am meant to do and to realize just how strong of a person I am and that I can do anything and get through anything.

The Angels wanted me to share this with you because they wanted you to see, that even through your pain and hardships that you too can understand just how powerful you are and that you are meant for so much more in this world.

I know this blog was a little long but if you got through it, thank you for reading. I hope that you will be able to take my story and be able to apply it to your own life, to be able to see those things that you have been through and how it shows you how amazing you are and that you do have the power within you to be able to do anything that you truly desire and that you are meant to use your experiences to teach and heal others in your own unique way.

I am sending you lots of love and light

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