You are why don’t you see it?

Hello beautiful souls!

I hope you are having a wonderful week Today I am

writing this with Archangel Uriel stepping forward.

This title was given to me last week to write about but

I delayed in writing it and not because the Angels wanted me to wait to write it, but because of my own

insecurities and my own stuff I needed to heal and yes I still have lots of things to heal, I am not perfect, but I had to be reminded that none of us are, but we are perfect souls and when we tune in we are able to heal and move through our insecurities and our faults and do those things we are meant to do.

So last week, as I was going through the day, talking to those who message me who need some guidance and those needing healing and a reoccurring theme kept popping up and it was on worthiness. I even had some come to me knowing that they are worthy but it was hard for them to see how they were to show themselves that they were worthy.

So what does it mean to be worthy? And why is it hard for us to see that we are worthy?

So first what does it mean when we say that we are worth it or that you are worth it?

So many times we take our worth and give it to someone else to show us what we are worth. We may see our worth by looking at all the material possessions that we have, or see our worth because of all of the people we have in our lives, but when we do that, we are giving our power away to these things or other people. Just because we have so much “stuff” or we have so many friends and people that like us, doesn’t mean that we are worthy. Material posessions are just things that can be replaced, and friends and people who like us come and go depending on what stage they are in their lives, but if you took all of that way away, would you see your worth? Would you see that you are worthy?

Worth is not about what you receive from the outside, but worth starts from inside of each of us. Worth is a part of who we truly are. We are all worth it! We all have worth!

When we understand that others do not define us, or what we have does not define us, that who we truly are is enough, then we start to understand that we are worth it. YES YOU!!! You are worth it!

So many times we look for love from others because we don’t see our worth but we need someone to show us, or tell us, but we forget that when we truly love ourselves, even when we do not have someone else to tell us that we are worth it, or tell us that they love us, we are then able to let go of that need for love from others, or that validation from others. We then don’t need others to tell us, whether it be spousal/partner relationships, friendships or even from our children that we are worthy in the words of how much we are needed, or loved because we know it within ourselves and truly understand that all that we do and all that we are is worthy and that no one can tell you otherwise.

You are so worthy beautiful souls. You do not need anyone to tell you that, but I want you to be able to know within yourself that you can do anything that you truly desire and are passionate about, don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot.

This week we learned from the energy of the week (you can go here to watch it) that this week is about healing so that you can let go of those things that no longer serve you, that are not who you truly are. If worthiness is one of those things you need to work on to understand that you have it all within you and that who you truly are are this amazing person who is worthy, then I encourage you to tune in with the your Angels and with the Archangels (ahem...Archangel Raphael), to help you to heal from the need to find your worth in others and other things other than yourself, to help you to see that you truly are worthy and nothing else can define that.

You do not need anyone to tell you that you are worth it and when you can fully embrace that and fully understand that you are worth it, that your gifts are perfect for you, that how you look are perfect for you and all that you have to give that is within your heart that is perfect for you, then everything else in your life will fall into place and no matter what or who comes into your life, it won’t matter if they leave shortly after because you will understand that all those meant for you will flow to you in Divine timing and all that you need will be provided for you.

Remember beautiful souls, you are always guided and loved. You are always supported for your highest good and that they, meaning the Divine, want you to be happy, they want you to live a life that is full of love and light, but it all starts from within. Understanding who we truly are, understanding that we are here as love and light and to see the magic and the beauty that is all around you and within you because they are everywhere. We are always provided for, we are always shown what it is that we need to do next in order to do those things we want to achieve, to do those things that are a part of our purpose.

You are always so loved.

Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖

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