Your current Gifts can turn into something more

Hello beautiful souls!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

I know this blog post comes later than usual during the week, but for those who have known me for a while know that I do not go by a timeline...I go by what the Angels show me and the Angels gave me an idea for this post a few days back but they had me hold back until today.

So what do I mean when I say that your current gifts can turn into something more?

When I first had reawakened a couple of years ago, I knew I had the gift of knowing and had the gift of healing because of having practiced Reiki and it had come naturally to me, those were the gifts I knew I had. However back then, if you had told me that I had more gifts and the gifts I had would become something more, that it would expand, then I probably would have told that you that was silly because at that time I probably would not have been able to see it.

This is what I mean when I say that your current gifts can turn into something more.

My gift of being able to heal using Reiki, turned into more when the Angels stepped forward and were helping with healing, when they would show up during each session and conduct the session with me being the channel. This gift of healing that I have not only turned up in these healing sessions, but soon when it came to speaking to people and channeling guidance.

When it comes to our gifts, our gifts can turn into more than what it is now, and Archangel Raziel is showing us that our gifts expand and transform into more than some of us can imagine.

For instance, lets talk about clairvoyance. Can you imagine a tree? Can you imagine clouds? If you can, congratulations! You are clairvoyant! When you hear that word you may think only some special people have it, but if you can imagine, if you can daydream and see the pictures in your mind, you have the gift! You are able to see through your mind’s eye which is also called your third eye, your third eye chakra. It is not only a gift that is meant for psychics or healers (which by the way, you are also a healer)...but we all have these gifts.

So when it comes to clairvoyance, there are many ways you can practice your clairvoyance and as you practice and as your practice it by serving others and going with how you are led (usually by the Divine), you will then be able to expand upon this gift, you will be able to see it transform over time and be able to help people in a way that you may not have thought you could.

I personally had a gift of knowing (claircognizance) as a child. I would know when the phone would ring without really realizing it, I would know just how someone felt and I would be there to help and at that time I did not think anything of it, I just thought everyone had thee same feelings and wanted to help others using their knowing and now after having reawakened, I was reminded of my gifts and because I wanted to help others using them, that gift of knowing have transformed in a way so that I can help and serve others that is right for me.

So the message that Archangel Raziel wants me to share is that you too have these fits and throughout this month I will be sharing more about that on my radio shows as well as on here as the Angels show me, and that with the gifts you have now, if you have a heart of serving others and a heart to help others, those gifts can expand and transform into much more.

So what gifts do you know you have? How do you want to help others?

I would love for you to share with me the gifts you have and how it is that you want to help others because I know that your amazing gifts can become even more than you might have imagined and when you let the Universe and Divine know that that is what you want to do, to help others, they help you to transform those gifts.

Sending you lots of love and light!

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