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You have a Choice on Changing Your Mindset

Hello beautiful souls!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Right now we are in Mercury Retrograde and today there is a Full Moon.

When it comes to full moons and retrogrades, they can been intense energies, but having them both can amplify the intenseness of energies around us.

What I mean by intense energy is that there may be a lot of negativity coming in from ego into your life, whether it be from within because of limiting beliefs, or from outside of you...the world around you...people around you may be negative, the media that you may surround yourself may be negative and it can cause you to be triggered/affected.

So how are you being triggered today?

What is making you upset/worried/stressed?


We have a choice on how we react and how to think about the negativity coming in especially from within you.

Just like we have a choice in everything in our lives, on whether to do something specific like what we wear, what we eat and making decisions, we also have a choice on how we want to think about things.

Now for many it may be much easier to make a choice on what to wear for a day (this can be a difficult one for me at times lol), but just like those every day choices that we make, we can make a choice on how our mind works.

How is it easy?

One of the ways is by understanding that the choice that we make in our minds probably was shaped by others while growing up...the limiting beliefs.

We grow up with adults raising us, but what mindset has the adults in your life gornw up with?

Did they grow up with a lack mentality? Did they grow up with not thinking too highly of themselves, lacking self esteem?

As we grow up, we grow up with many different adults in our lives...our parents and oarents of other children, teachers, grandparents, other relatives...and we also grow up with other children that also grow up with their own set of adults in their lives.

Yes, that is a lot of different energy!

That is a lot of limiting beliefs!

This is why, for many many of us, it takes us a long time to be able to let go of limiting beliefs.

This is why our spiritual journey is called a journey!

It is important that we understand this and when we do, it helps us to make the choice in making the mindset shift...changing our mindset to be able to say...YES I CAN DO IT! YES I AM GOOD ENOUGH! YES I CAN DO ANYTHING! The abundant mentality!

So when it comes to full moons, new moons and retrogrades as well as other times when we are asked to go within and work on ourselves there are so many opportunities for this.

So what is coming up to the surface for you?

What is it that you are needing to see?

Then once you see what it is that you need to see, how can you make the choice to change your mindset to one of abundant mentality?

Now, even though you make the change in your mindset doesn't mean that it is one and done and you will always think this way, is a start!

It is then important for us to daily make that choice to be in the abundant mindset.

Also, when situations and opportunities that come up that is a bit different from what helped us make the choice in shifting our mindset, are you able to go back to making the choice in changing your mindset of one that is abundant, or does your mind go down the ego spiral again?

When you make the choice, the Universe and the Divine give us many opportunities to practice shifting our mindset, and it is important for us to keep making that choice of an abundant mentality.

So what is coming in for you this week that is meant for you to practice your mindset shift?

And what new lessons are coming in in order for us to start making the choice of shifting your mindset?

It is up to is your choice...on how you want to change your mindset and yes you can do it, but it is up to you!

Are you ready? Are you up for it?

The Divine is showing you and telling you that


Sending you lots of love and light 💖💖💖


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